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IPC and our community

As one of the longest running International Kindergartens in Bangkok, IPC has been in the lives and hearts of the people and our community. We are always trying to help in different ways to give back to the community by holding events and fund raising. Some of our fund raising are events such as Wine and Cheese Night, where we auction off Art work produced by the children and all of the proceeds go go different organizations such as World Vision, Bangkok Orphanages and charity schools in need of help. We also have markets different times of the year to raise money for schools in need. And sometimes we will have special events for charity like food drives and pet food drives to help with animal care in Bangkok.

But as much as we like to help others we also like to have events that are just for the children of IPC past and present and their friends and family. Some of these events have become a staple in the community like our ever so famous IPC Not So Scary Halloween Party and our Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony held together with Bambi every year. IPC is always looking to do good for the community and children of Bangkok. It might be a small Kindergarten but IPC has a huge heart!

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